Koala Bottle Trail Run Series 2021 Registration

The Koala Bottle S.C. Trail Run Series is here! We have joined forces with Neurun to bring you the Open Race Format. Rather than running our race on the same date with everyone else, you will have from September 14th to November 1st to run the course and submit your GPS data. 

Follow this link to the Neurun website for participation instructions and download the Neurun app to scroll through the course video tour, layered with clickable key route insights from the Koala Bottle Team.

Entry into an Open Race Format trail run comes with a participation medallion and a race t-shirt and you will be eligible for awards These items will be distributed to all participants after the race has finished. 

The Virtual Race Format does not require use of the Neurun app and participants can run at any suitable location. This category is only eligible for a participation medallion and a race t-shirt.

Click here to read the Open Race Format, COVID-19 Waiver and Data Use Disclaimer.

** Open Race Format is currently open only for Harbison State Forest Half Marathon. Virtual Races are open for ALL distances for Harbison State Forest, Table Rock, and Huntington Beach State Park. All other races are coming soon!!!