About Koala Bottle

Koala Bottle is an innovative magnetic bottle system that is designed to transform and improve the way you remove and stow your water bottle. The patented design is created by installing a stainless-steel ring onto a traditional bottle, providing 360 degrees of magnetic contact.

Reach for the bottle and reach your goals!

Koala Bottle will allow you to hydrate with ease so that you can quench your thirst without slowing down. Pick between the Koala Bottle Bicycle System and Hydration Belts.   

Hydrate with ease!

The magnetic bottle holder contains two high strength magnets that securely connect with the bottle's ring to hold the top of the bottle. With the top of the bottle magnetically secured, the base of the cage mechanically holds the bottom of the bottle. The base flexes just enough so that you can remove the bottle with ease. 

Koala Bottle’s innovative design allows you to remove and stow the bottle from multiple directions and can fit into very compact spaces.

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