WishBoxUSA brings Koala Bottle to the UK – March 21, 2013

Life is very exciting these days at Koala Bottle headquarters, to say the least! On January 30, 2013, James Huang of Bike Radar raised the curtain for the world wide bicycle audience to learn about our cool and innovative magnetic bottle system. Within a few days blogs from far and wide began sharing the story of Koala Bottle with their followers and fans. It appears that news travels faster than Mark Cavendish can sprint and that emails stream into our inbox faster than you can pour water into a 24oz bottle. These are truly amazing times!

And, while Koala Bottle was designed to make it safer and easier to get the bottle in and out of the cage while riding, merely reading about this innovative bicycle product will not improve your riding experience. But, attaching it to your bicycle will. Luckily, we have a terrific new partner to bring our product to European customers – Wish Box USA!

Jerry Smith and John Wilkinson, who started WishBoxUSA, were forward thinking and realized an opportunity existed to bring quality Made in the USA products directly to customers in foreign markets on a low volume basis. Their service enables small manufactures to …