Touch Of Modern

People enjoy watching Stephen Currie play basketball or Rodger Federer swing a tennis racquet – even for a moment – for much of the same reason that our eye is also drawn to a passing Porsche or a Rolex watch. We may not place any value or importance on these things but the simple fact of human nature is that our eye is innately drawn to objects that possess elegance – grace and style.

Modern design seeks to capture the quality of elegance by incorporating elements of symmetry with fluid lines. By doing so, the object obtains an allure that attracts our attention. On the Touch of Modern website, the company offers its members the exclusive opportunity to buy consumer products that are designed for the modern person. These members are a group of over 5 million people who do not simply appreciate style and grace in a fleeting glance. They wish to have and hold this object as their own personal possession. Members also have the privilege of buying these objects at a discount.

Touch of Modern has reached out to Koala Bottle because it believes that we appeal to its members. Even if only for a few days, Koala Bottle is excited to indulge their tastes and, just briefly, our ego.