Koala Bottle Commits Support For Palmetto Trail

Help #FinishTheTrail with Koala Bottle!

Koala Bottle, an innovative local company, is pledging support to #FinishtheTrail by changing the way Palmetto Trail hikers and cyclists stay hydrated.

The brainchild of Columbia, SC, inventor Anthony Goldman, Koala Bottle features a patented system for carrying water that simplifies drinking while hiking, running, and cycling. The wow factor is a heavy-duty magnet system that clips a water bottle tightly to an open cage attached to a waist belt or bicycle frame. In addition to ease of use, the reusable bottle is a boon to the environment.

The company’s newest product is the Koala Bottle hydration belt, a waist pack that carries water and a few essentials on the trail. The hydration belt eliminates the hassle of stopping to open a pack and retrieve a water bottle while on the trail.

“It’s super easy to remove and stow the bottle while you’re on the move,” Goldman said. He suggested watching the short demonstration videos on the Koala Bottle website (koalabottle.com/videos/).

“We are excited to have Koala Bottle as a new Palmetto Trail partner,” PCF Executive Director Natalie Britt said. “Anthony and his wonderful local company are committed to health, the great outdoors and the environment,” she said. Britt is an avid user and fan of the Koala Bottle system.

$10 will be donated to help #FinishTheTrail for each Koala Bottle hydration belt sold using the promo code PCFKOALA!

See full press release at Palmetto Conservation Foundation.