At Interbike this year, Koala Bottle debuted for the first time as an exhibitor. The event is always a colossal love affair with everything cycling and it was an invaluable opportunity for our new and growing company to interact with a large audience in a short period of time. In years past, walking the trade show floor was fantastic for taking inventory of industry trends but, by being stationed in a booth, we had the opportunity to greet the cycling world with the Koala Bottle brand on display. Interacting with the public allowed us to tell our brand story and allowed people a chance to ask us questions face to face. Overwhelmingly, the feedback was great and the trade show was a huge success on many levels.

interbike-img-1Koala Bottle showcased the product in a few applications that offered something for everyone that visited our booth. Koala Bottle was displayed in its original bicycle form; it was mounted between a pair of aero bars; and shown on our new hydration belt (that will be available on our website later this year!). As people stopped by the booth to try out our product, the distinct audible click of Koala Bottle’s magnetic ring resonated out of our booth and into the aisle. People approached with intrigue. They removed bottles from our magnetic cages with ease and dropped them back in their place with very little effort. The immediate response was consistently a smile or a nod of approval as each person realized the ergonomic efficiency of the design. Triathletes recognized the advantages of the aero mounted application. Runners were eager to know when the belt would be available. And, more often than not, we were asked the typical questions about the price and the weight. People were genuinely pleased with our answers.

However, being at Interbike was also an educational experience for us, as well. We were truly ecstatic to oblige the request of an injured BMX rider by attaching a Koala Bottle to his wheelchair. He left our booth very happy, as were we. An older gentleman, who caught wind of this, asked us to attach a Koala Bottle to his walker. And, later in the afternoon he stopped by again to buy one for a friend. We have been inspired to realize from these unexpected moments that Koala Bottle does provide hydration on the go to everyone who is on the move.


Thank you for stopping by our booth to take a look and to talk with us. We truly enjoyed being an exhibitor on such a large stage and meeting people from all over the world! Please continue to stay engaged with us by visiting our website and following our social media. As you saw at our booth, there is a lot happening at Koala Bottle.