Industry Reviews

Industry Reviews

Patrick – Charleston, South Carolina

“Pisgah beat me, but it didn’t dislodge my Koala Bottle!”

Austin – Bellevue, Nebraska

“Have raced this spring (endurance mtb) with Koala system with 100% success! No popped bottles, no broken rings or cages. They may be a little heavier, but Koala system is really nice. The last time I dropped a bottle…was with the one standard cage I still have on my road bike. Gotta change that cage in the near future to a Koala.”

Myles – Charleston, South Carolina

“Dude, the bottle is sweet. I won one for a prime and it’s been solid. I’ve gone down some cobble streets and rough roads in Charleston trying to get it to pop and the bottle stays put. I’m kinda impressed. I dig the fact that it make an audible click when it’s in the cage too.”

Brady – Clemson University Triathlon Team (Georgia Junior State Time Trial Champion, 2004)

“I put the Koala Bottle on my road bike and the rides I’ve done with it have all been great. The Koala Bottle is a fantastic innovation…the open design of the cage makes it easy to get the bottle in and out of the cage.”

Jeff – Portland, Oregon

“First ride with my new Koala Bottle bottle cages. Awesome and easy to use. 25 miles of logging roads in the Coastal Range and the magnetic cages held on the the bottles with a death grip but were nice enough to let go when I was thirsty.”