The polycarbonate Koala Bottle Magnetic Cage weighs 53g and is sold with 5mm bolts and washers. Using the washers for installation is required. The washers disfuse the stress on the part which will ensure a longer life for the product. See more…


    The magnetic cage is designed so that the bottle can be removed and stowed with ease. To remove the bottle, grab the bottle from the bottom and pull outward. The bottom of the cage will flex and release the bottle. so that you can remove and stow the bottle with ease. The product may be mounted to your bicycle frame and it may also be attached to your aero bars hydration system.



    • Cage weight with magnets: 53g
    • Cage material: polycarbonate
    • Hardware: 5mm bolts & washers (use of washers is required for bicycles)
    • Bottle compatibility: holds 21 oz / 621 ml & 24oz / 709ml


    The cage is constructed from durable polycarbonate plastic and highly corrosive resistant rare earth magnets. When washing your bicycle do not use any abrasive materials or solvents.

    The rare earth magnets used for this hydration system are very powerful and should not come into close contact with any sensitive electronic medical devices such as a pacemaker or defibrillator.

    We also recommend that you wash the bottle by hand.


    • 1 year manufacturers warranty for the original purchaser, covering manufacturing defects.

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