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Koala Bottle Exhibits At Interbike 2015

28 Sep 2015 / in News

At Interbike this year, Koala Bottle debuted for the first time as an exhibitor. The event is always a colossal love affair with everything cycling and it was an invaluable opportunity for our new and growing company to interact with a large audience in a short period of time. In years past, walking the trade show floor was fantastic for taking inventory of industry trends but, by being stationed in a booth, we had the opportunity to greet the cycling world with the Koala Bottle brand on display. Interacting with the public allowed us to tell our brand story and allowed people a chance to ask us questions face to face. Overwhelmingly, the feedback was great and the trade show was a huge success on many levels.

Koala Bottle showcased the product in a few applications that offered something for everyone that visited our booth. Koala Bottle was displayed in its original bicycle form; it was mounted between a pair of aero bars; and shown on our new hydration belt (that will be available on our website later this year!). As people stopped by the booth to try out our product, the distinct audible click of Koala Bottle’s magnetic ring …

Touch of Modern Features Koala Bottle

25 Aug 2015 / in News

People enjoy watching Stephen Curry play basketball or Rodger Federer swing a tennis racquet – even for a moment – for much of the same reason that our eye is also drawn to a passing Porsche or a Rolex watch. We may not place any value or importance on these things but the simple fact of human nature is that our eye is innately drawn to objects that possess elegance – grace and style.

Modern design seeks to capture the quality of elegance by incorporating elements of symmetry with fluid lines. By doing so, the object obtains an allure that attracts our attention. On the Touch of Modern website, the company offers its members the exclusive opportunity to buy consumer products that are designed for the modern person. These members are a group of over 5 million people who do not simply appreciate style and grace in a fleeting glance. They wish to have and hold this object as their own personal possession. Members also have the privilege of buying these objects at a discount.

Touch of Modern has reached out to Koala Bottle because it believes that we appeal to its members. Even if only for a few days, …

WishBoxUSA brings Koala Bottle to the UK – March 21, 2013

11 Aug 2015 / in News

Life is very exciting these days at Koala Bottle headquarters, to say the least! On January 30, 2013, James Huang of Bike Radar raised the curtain for the world wide bicycle audience to learn about our cool and innovative magnetic bottle system. Within a few days blogs from far and wide began sharing the story of Koala Bottle with their followers and fans. It appears that news travels faster than Mark Cavendish can sprint and that emails stream into our inbox faster than you can pour water into a 24oz bottle. These are truly amazing times!

And, while Koala Bottle was designed to make it safer and easier to get the bottle in and out of the cage while riding, merely reading about this innovative bicycle product will not improve your riding experience. But, attaching it to your bicycle will. Luckily, we have a terrific new partner to bring our product to European customers – Wish Box USA!

Jerry Smith and John Wilkinson, who started WishBoxUSA, were forward thinking and realized an opportunity existed to bring quality Made in the USA products directly to customers in foreign markets on a low volume basis. Their service enables small manufactures to …

Endurance Magazine Koala Bottle Review By Cid Cardozo, Jr.

07 Jul 2013 / in News

Cid Cardozo, Jr., Founder of Inside-Out Sports, kindly took time out of his busy schedule to test Koala Bottle and write an in-depth review for the April 2013 issue of Endurance Magazine:

Koala Bottle review by Cid Cardozo, Jr., Founder of Inside-Out Sports

Road Bike Action Magazine features Koala Bottle at the Sea Otter Classic 2013

24 Apr 2013 / in News

We’ve been testing the Koala Bottle for several weeks, so we were excited to run into the company’s founder, Anthony Goldman (left), at Sea Otter. The Koala Bottle system includes an easy-access cage with plenty of mounting adjustability to suit most any frame size that’s imbedded with a magnet. The included water bottle comes with a removable metal ring (that can be easily installed on most any other bottle) that secures it in place when riding. The system sells for $28 and can be adapted for most of your own bottles. All of the components of the Koala system are made in the USA – Road Bike Action Magazine feature from the Sea Otter Classic.

Koala Bottle featured by James Huang of Bike Radar

24 Apr 2013 / in News

Upstart company Koala Bottle isn’t the first to offer a ‘new and improved’ water bottle and cage system, nor is it the first to incorporate magnets. However, the system is very interesting from an ease-of-use standpoint and could offer some genuine benefits if the promises ring true…Here is the full Bike Radar article.



WLTX News Interviews KB at Columbia’s Technology Incubator, CETI

18 Jul 2012 / in News

Gregory Hilton, Executive Director for the Center for Entrepreneurial and Technological Innovation (CETI), showcases Koala Bottle as an example of the innovation that is taking place in the Midlands and explains how support from CETI will lead to long term success for companies and for the local economy – WLTX video.


KB Interview with Columbia Regional Business Report

18 Jul 2012 / in News

Excited to learn about a new manufacturing startup in Columbia, SC, Licia Jackson sat down with Anthony R. Goldman to talk about the creation and evolution of Koala Bottle: Columbia Regional Business Report, May 7, 2012

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