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What is Koala Bottle

An innovative and efficient magnetic bottle system designed for use by cyclists and for use by recreational enthusiasts.

Why Koala Bottle?

Koala Bottle quenches your thirst without slowing you down. Access your bottle quickly, easily and safely while riding your bicycle. Drop the bottle back in the cage and the audible click lets you know the bottle is firmly in place, so that you can keep your eyes on the road ahead. A side-loading (left or right) and front-loading design so the bicycle frame does not get in your way when removing the bottle to satisfy your thirst. Here is a short video.

How does Koala Bottle work?

A magnetic ring around the top of the bottle provides 360º of magnetic contact. Simply place the bottle in the cage with little effort and the magnets will grab the ring. You do not need to apply force. That easy!

The ring is an off-the-shelf accessory and can be removed from the bottle! Here is a short video that shows how to remove/install the ring.

Who will like and use Koala Bottle?

Everyone! Cyclists riding small or compact frames will find the side-loading design is particularly appealing where there is limited space for a traditional bottle cage. Triathletes will love using it attached between the aero bars.

Hikers can tether the bottle to their packs, leaving their hands free for climbing or trekking poles.

The Koala Bottle Components

Koala Bottle engineering and manufacturing is MADE IN THE USA with quality materials. Manufacturing Koala Bottle locally has enabled us to maintain quality, establish enduring relationships and save time.

BPA free bottle, polycarbonate cage and corrosion resistant metal
components. The magnetic cage weighs 53 grams and the magnetic ring weighs 17 grams.