WLTX News Interviews KB at Columbia’s Technology Incubator, CETI

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Gregory Hilton, Executive Director for the Center for Entrepreneurial and Technological Innovation (CETI), showcases Koala Bottle as an example of the innovation that is taking place in the Midlands and explains how support from CETI will lead to long term success for companies and for the local economy – WLTX video

Koala Bottle featured by James Huang of Bike Radar

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Upstart company Koala Bottle isn’t the first to offer a ‘new and improved’ water bottle and cage system, nor is it the first to incorporate magnets. However, the system is very interesting from an ease-of-use standpoint and could offer some genuine benefits if the promises ring true…Here is the full Bike Radar article

Road Bike Action Magazine features Koala Bottle at the Sea Otter Classic 2013

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We’ve been testing the Koala Bottle for several weeks, so we were excited to run into the company’s founder, Anthony Goldman (left), at Sea Otter. The Koala Bottle system includes an easy-access cage with plenty of mounting adjustability to suit most any frame size that’s imbedded with a magnet. The included water bottle comes with…

Endurance Magazine Koala Bottle Review By Cid Cardozo, Jr.

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Cid Cardozo, Jr., Founder of Inside-Out Sports, kindly took time out of his busy schedule to test Koala Bottle and write an in-depth review for the April 2013 issue of Endurance Magazine: